4 Big Hair Mistakes need to fix right now: Know

Did you know that about 41% women suffer from hair breakage everyday? And there are few who lose hair from the deep roots thanks to all the ironing, curling, blow-drying, perming and hair straightening that they pamper in. Here are 4 obvious hair styling blunder that you should ignore to keep your hair health better.

4. Overhandling your Hair

This is one of the main reasons. The perception that we should brush our hair throughout the day, also a 100 strokes is essential, does not bear anymore. Credit to the pollution levels and the stressful lives that we are living. Our hair is not in a so-happy state already. If you constantly overhandle it by strong champi, severe brushing and harsh shampooing, the cuticle will give way and the our hair give up. Experts advise that we should handle our hair gently. While shampooing, do not overscrub your scalp, instead use your finger tips to clean it. Afterwards applying a hair conditioner, calmly detangle your hair. Furthermore rinse off the products well. Then wrap a soft, absorbent microfibre towel to soak up surplus water and then let it dry naturally. Now apply a hair serum for further protection. Once dry, comb through to stylize your hair.


3. Using Heating appliances too often:

Ignore using heating acceessories because, when our hair come in contact with very high temp, the cuticle is harmed. Preferably, you must not blow-dry wet hair on very high heat. It is recommend to use a protective leave-in serum and conditioner before using heat styling appliances. Keeping the blow dryer on a little cold setting works. Turn of the dryer when the hair is almost dry. Use a light brush and fingers to style it. Go easy on the curling and flat irons (not more than 3-4 a month).


2. Using too many Hair-Products:

Using a lot of hair products can also harm your hair and lead towards breakage. We are not saying to syop using these products suddenly, but try to minimise them. Most products like straightening and perming agents, dyes, conditioners and serums are all advance and launch only after a lot of R&D. They do not mean to harm our hair. In fact, there are few products that really enhance the quality of our hair also their usage can protect our hair. However, it is better to keep in mind that the chemical bi-products should not leave on for too long or must not use too frequently. You must be careful with few of the products.

Hair mistakes

1. Using excessive oils on your hair and scalp and leaving it:

On leaving excessive oil on the scalp for too long, attracts dust and grime that choke pores and leads to many hair problems. Furthermore, it is best to massage in hair oil and leave on for 15-30 minutes. Then thoroughly shampoo it all off . It is a misbelief that soaking your scalp with coconut oil and resting it will promote hair heath. Also, there are few hairstyles that put much pressure on your hair. Avoid hair braids, pony tails and high buns that are very tight because they tug at the hair roots unnecessarily. When styling hair, look for hair-protecting clips and bands.



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