6 Weirdest, Yuckiest Unusual Restaurants : #2 is Disgusting!!!!!

There’s a bizarre globe of themed restaurants out there—including ones based on ninjas, toilets and condoms.

6. In The Barbie World: BARBIE CAFE

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

This restaurant is very pink and Barbie themed. The Bar tables seems like the heel of stiletto, while chair backs looks similar bustiers and often they have tutus. The Barbie dolls are everywhere, and the waitresses have to wear tutus. Also the waiters try really hard and often fail to look like Ken. Patrons order macarons serve in a martini class and cocktails such as Barbie 128;a very pink mixture.This is very different from other restaurants in the world.

5. Oooops…It’s a Condom: CABBAGES AND CONDOMS

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

In order to promote birth control and safe sex practices in rural Thailand, the creator of Cabbages and Condoms created this restaurant. Since they believe birth control to be as easily accessible as buying vegetables in a market. The interior features a variety of multi-color condoms arranged to form various statues and flowers, including one of Santa Claus. When the bill comes, instead of being brought some mints, diners are provided with free condoms. Perhaps the best thing is the slogan painted across the menus: “Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy.”

4. Take Me Higher Baby: DINNER IN THE SKY

Location: Montreal, Canada

Have an appetite for high altitude? Originating from Belgium, the conception involves a crane hoisting guests. The guests are securely strapp into “dining chairs” 160 feet up in the air along with a table and wait staff. The management make sure everything that’s required to enjoy a meal floating above the deck. This novelty-based mobile food chain restaurant has gained popularity worldwide. Therefore, it is now offered for limited run time in cities around the globe, including Montreal, Canada.

3. Yoooo Its Ninja Time: NINJA RESTAURANT

Location: NewYork, USA

In the New York Times, Frank Bruni review Ninja New York as “a kooky, dreary subterranean labyrinth, greeted there by servers in black outfit who ceaselessly bow, regularly scream and ever so occasionally tumble.” Ninja Restaurant NY is design to appear like a 15th-century Japanese feudal village overfull of snaking passageways and dark nooks. The guests are dine amongst stealthy warriors “the waiters” who romp, roam and perform tricks, all this while serving sake and sushi. We can call it Japanese fare mingled with martial arts flair at its best.

2. Ehhrrrrrr What A Shitty Menu: MODERN TOILET

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

This restaurant is extremely famous in Taiwan. Drawing guests in to come sit on the toilet seats as well their meals are sreved in toilet seat shaped containers. Diners feast on menu like toilet bowls filled with chocolate soft serve or Hemorrhoid Ice. The Thai Spicy Chicken is really quite good.

6. Thank God It’s The Safest Place: SAFE HOUSE

Location: Milwaukee, USA

This restaurant in Midwestern U.S. has a rather ordinary exterior. But that appears to be exactly the point. Everything relating to this Spy-theme eating premises is design on the CIA definition of a safe house. It is a seemingly innocent premise where an official from intelligence organization would conduct its secret operations in high security. No-where in the world will you find a sign board advertising “Safe House”. Furthermore you even require to know the password to get into the establishment. If you on any occasion find yourself in Milwaukee, this top-covert restaurant is worth seeking out, but remember, you did not hear it from us.


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