Cognizant: Employees to work @ home 2 Days in a week

In a move to handle space within its offices, IT giant Cognizant ask its employees in India to work from home.

Cognizant Chennai :

On Wednesday, In an email to employees, New Jersey-headquartered company, having over a 3rd of its workforce in India, has offered employees in corporates the flexibility to do work from home for 2 days in a week.

Cognizant’s Corporate functions include employees in finance, human resources, corporate marketing and their related roles. A senior employee at Cognizant said,”Those who are not client-facing or those people in support functions come within this category,”  as this will make more space for employees and business associates with client-facing roles.

While an employee futrhermore said that the decision was still waiting approval from the top management. Also these could be revoked in the future. The option has been opened for associates working in corporates at all locations. Also the programme is not mandatory. Employees are free to choose themselves for the programme according to their professional and personal needs.

Cognizant, have presence in 11 cities and over 1,60,000 employees in India. Furthermore said that it will compensate a fixed amount of internet expenses for employees who opt the facility. In addition confirms that Rs 1,500 monthly allowance on internet to all who take the option.

IT Giant Cognizant :


Most employees and engineers in Cognizant work in shifts. Employees from support functions does not need to be in office to complete work. If these employees stay at home, more and more coders can accommodate to their places. In Chennai almost 90% of a building can get occupy by corporate function employees. Therefore this move can create space for more core business roles. A senior employee said, “those who choose the option will have to apply for workstations on the official Cognizant portal for the days they do come in to work. Then the system will accomodate a workstation in any of the offices within the city.

Cognizant is amongst one of the largest recruiters in IT-BPM industry. Hundreds of engineers hire during campus placements. Soaring constraints and rentals with accommodating large numbers of employees is the reason behind this move. This was part of their space management strategy.


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