Most Controversial Magazine Covers Ever, #5th Shocker

12 Most debated and discussed Magazine’s Cover of all time

Most Controversial Magazine Covers Ever; Media is a strong medium for circulating the news and important facts among the masses. But sometimes the freedom of speech causes blunders which remains regretting for a long time.

They surely can win you an award but it may hinder your image in public’s mind. Viralbeer have tried to compile a set of various controversial cover pages from different magazines. Check them out…

Most Controversial Magazine Covers Ever, #5th Shocker

#1. Bold enough for a hot topic, mom breastfeeding her 3 year old child. This image created an instant response from the public. It is publish in May 2012.

Most Controversial Magazine Covers Ever, #5th Shocker

#2. Published in 1966, widely criticized by the public. While article has to face a strong oppose from secular society. This cover also stays historical as, it is for the first time that cover page is only text based without any image.


#3. Taking precautions, using condom for smoking. Azealia Banks, producing an outrageous picture with addicted eyes, condoms and smoking.


#4. Indian politics a never ending show.


#5. Aisha, an 18 year old Afghan girl bear a punishment from Taliban commander. Her nose and ears were cut-off.


#6. Inside London, no one is a kid to understand what magazine actually wants to show. It is a design from Noma bar.


#7. John lenon and his wife in some personal moments shared in public. It was not much comfortable for his fans.


#8. A jaw dropper for many of her fans. Vanity Fair’s cover picture, Demi Moore, a 7 month pregnant image by Nancy Collins.


#9. Dhoni in Lord Vishnu’s avatar. It is criticized as dhoni was portrayed holding products of various brands endorse by him. Picture was criticized mostly of holding shoes in hands.


#10. Adolf Hitler, Man of the Year, published in 1939 as the Time’s Man of the Year.


#11. Picture depicted corporate world. The target was to highlight issues related to mergers.


#12. Going a step bold, Father-Daughter Mahesh Bhatt – Pooja Bhatt sharing a lip-lock moment. For thy time a thing which is a real shocker.



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