Hardcore Tweet From PornHub trolling AAP Minister : Must Read

AAP Minister Mr. Sandeep Kumar was first dismissed by his party, and then trolled by the World’s Biggest Porn Site.

On 31 August , multiple photos and a sex tape, supposingly featuring AAP minister Mr.Sandeep Kumar, were leaked to his party headquarters and news channels.

World, Biggest Porn Site Pornhub shoots the Minister.



Senior AAP leaders describe the clip as the minister for women and child development being record in a “compromising position with two women”.

Therefore, peoples started trolling the Minister on almost all Social Networking Platform. But probably the most deadlyTtweet came from adult website Pornhub, who used the chance to troll Kumar hard:


Since this is the second time an international porn site has aim at Indian politics. Last year XVideos ask Indian citizens to “vote better”, when almost 800 adult websites were block by Government.



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