India to take 126 more years to match Global Education Standards

Advancing by the current tempo of spending and aspects like shortage of quality teachers, India will need a whopping 126yrs to achieve standards of education adjacent to the developed nations, according to a report.

The paper by Assocham yells for “dramatic” transform in the country’s education system. It claims that even though India has made rapid steps, the yawning gap between the level of education is not likely to be filled soon as the developed world does not cut down their spending on education.

India 126 years Global Education Standards

The report said with India spending a mere 3.83% of its GDP (gross domestic product)  on education, the quota is not adequate to catch up with developed economies. Furthermore it will take “126 years or six generations to cope up with developed nations if we do not change our education structure dramatically”.

In contrast, Germany spends 4.95%, US it is 5.22% on education, while for the UK spends 5.72% of its GDP.

ds-rawat-viralbeerAssocham Secretary General D S Rawat said, “With the sky-high GDP base of these developed nations, the absolute money reserved for education is huge. For instance the measure of the US GDP would be something around 7 times the measure of the Indian GDP and over it, its ratio on education system on a higher base would be very remarkable.

Considering that India has resource constraints, the paper recommends the country to reach the standards of spending as recommended by the UN, which covets nations to spend at least 6% of their GDP on education.

Moreover, scarcity of quality teachers is one of the the major challenges facing by the education sector. Currently, the shortage of teachers has been sized at 1.4 million.

Besides, 20% of the teachers do not rate up to the standards of the NCTE – National Council for Teachers Education .

In addition, lack of hub on effective skill development, India is among the least skilled countries.


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