Top 5 Breathtaking Extreme Sports

Sound Mind In A Sound Body

For a healthy body it is very important to stay fit and healthy both physically and mentally. One of the most easy and best way for doing it is sports. In addition to entertainment, sports provides exercise for body and mind as well. Sports has revolutionize from mere indoor-outdoor sports to more adventurous and action packed activity.

Today we will showcase you top 5 extreme sports of the world.



Gliding through the air while using a wing suit to create more surface area to the human body. Typically, speed of a skydiver reaches upto 200-225 kmh but with wing suit speed can be limit down to around 40 kmh.

It starts by a jump from any base with high altitude, jumper spreads its wings to create an healthy lift and control its movements in the air. Jump ends after the diver deploy its parachute and lands on the base.

Wing suits are also known as bird-man suits, bat suits or flying squirrel suits.

#2 BASE Jumping


A lethal jump with parachute from cliff, building or any tall structure is base jumping. Despite of a ban from various countries it is practiced through-out the world.

It is an extreme sport which causes deaths, since 2006 overall fatality rate is 1 for every 60 participants.

#3 Street LUGE


A gravity-powered activity that involves riding a luge board on street. Led by International Gravity Sports Association and International Downhill Federation various championships take place.

Luge with gravitational force takes a rider to a thrilling maximum speed of +150 kmh. A wrong turn may cause a fatal injury and end the riders career.

#4 ICE Skiing


Downhill, off-trail boarding on ice under the chances of sudden weather change or avalanche; Ice Skiing is a dangerous sport. It is also a mode of transport and recreational activity where participants uses skis to glide.

International Olympic Association and other institutes organizes regular events of ice-skiing.

#5 Rafting


Rafting in river while using a raft to navigate in water, but river being a bit impolite. Furthermore water being wild possess a danger of thrashing rafters into the river and crushed on to the rocks.

In conclusion, broken bones and scratches are common injuries for the participants.

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